Shame on India


By Dr A Rahman MSRP CRadP FNucI


An utterly shameful event with an unimaginable cruelty, a beastly incident on a bus plying on the streets of Delhi, the capital city of India, in the late evening of 16 December 2012 had taken place. A young girl of 23 with her boyfriend had been returning home after a cinema show. A private bus with a handful of people had been waiting at the bus stop. When they enquired whether the bus would be going to the locality they want to go, the bus conductor said yes; but that was a lie. The young couple got in. Immediately after the bus started running, five men including the so called conductor attacked the couple; the boy had been beaten up, the girl was raped by all the bus men, then her intestine was ripped open (and other things that had been done to her I cannot even write) and then they dumped the bodies of the couple by the roadside. Sometime later policemen noticed two senseless human figures and they collected them and took them to the hospital.


This is an incidence of unimaginable brutality. But this is not an isolated incidence. In India, a woman is raped on the average every 20 minutes of everyday of every month. In two days’ time, when this year comes to an end, 26,280 women in India would have suffered the ignominy of rape, sometimes with brute force and viciousness. If nothing is done now, the same number or even more women will have the same fate in the coming year which we are going to welcome in less than two days’ time.


The brutalised girl expired in Singapore, after struggling for her life for 13 days. The doctors treating her in Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore said that she suffered more injuries than reported previously in India. Her major body organs, such as small and large intestines, lungs had been so badly damaged that they were non-functional. She eventually died of inflammation brain tissues. Luckily she was unconscious immediately after 40 minutes of brutal rape, and vicious beating with an iron rod after the rape and so she didn’t feel the inhuman pain she must have gone through for 13 days till she passed away on 29 Dec.


Delhi Chief Minister, Sheila Dikshit, had condoled the brutal death of this girl. Was she not aware that rape and murder are going on in the city under her watch day in and day out? Sonia Gandhi said that ‘as a woman and a mother’ she heard people’s voice. Has she got no compassion, no humanity, no heart at all? She has to hear people’s voice and then act, so that her party does not lose the votes of these people? Has humanity taken leave of India?


India boasts as the largest democracy in the world? What sort of democracy is that when for nearly seven days the administration ignored the whole incident? Only when Indians at home and abroad and non-Indians like us abroad rose in disgust and protested through media that administration took notice. India’s image is definitely tarnished. People all over the world would think three times before making a trip to India. We feel now particularly lucky that our daughter along with her three English female friends from the University visited India a couple of years ago. Thank God, they came back safely. But, after this incidence, never my daughter would venture to India again.


The world is now awake and watching to see what sort of action India is going to take to punish the criminals now. Exemplary punishments to all of these six gang rapists will be appropriate. But the government must take long term actions so that such criminality can never happen again.  The following actions on the part of the government may be appropriate:

(i)                  The Transport Department must ensure that no unauthorised, unlicensed or rogue operators of buses, taxis or auto rickshaws etc. can take place on the streets of a city

(ii)                Sufficient number of police officers must patrol the streets of the city to ensure safety of the public

(iii)               The Judiciary must be streamlined (from the existing colonial period standards) so that justice can be administered promptly. No amount of bribery or tadbir (lobbying) should be allowed to compromise justice

(iv)              Exemplary punishment should be handed out to root out such evils.


India was never a place where women, particularly of lower strata, were treated with dignity, either by the society or by the state. From birth to death, women are regarded as something of an undesirable, burdensome kind. Honour killing, dowry killing or dowry suicide, witch lynching etc. are commonplace in India. On top of all these, the gang-rape, kidnapping etc. are becoming widespread all over India.

Unless society reshapes itself, the ignominy of the women in India would persist.




From: Peter Fowler

Sent: Sunday, 30 December 2012, 18:10
Subject: RE: World’s largest and most corrupt tyrannies.

6 men, hopefully the right ones, have been arrested and are now likely to receive the death penalty.

The 'corrupt tyranny' is surely principally not that of the state, despite its massive inefficiencies and corruption, and still less that of Man Mohan Singh personally, than that of widespread social and male attitudes within South Asia, though of course not only there.

The acid attacks in Bangladesh and elsewhere are of equal horror, both in the deed and in the relative apathy of the police and judicial, religious and political authorities.

Peter Fowler

(Mr.Peter Fowler served in Calcutta and New Delhi before serving as High Commissioner in Bangladesh from 1993 to 1996)




Sent: Monday, 31 December 2012, 4:41
Subject: RE: World’s largest and most corrupt tyrannies.


Let me confide to you the fact that every time I come across detailed reference to this horrendous incident, I cringe and suffocate in pain and shame of being part of the or a witness to such debasing act.

During the liberation war, I came face to face with this horrific act of man. I have tried and failed to ease, soothe, empathize and what not to victims. It dawned on me that such a wound never heals and the victim prays and seeks death by euthanasia to smother the destruction raining down on faith in humankind and life. I have 3 daughters of my own who are now grown up and going around in the business of life and I shudder to envision a situation that such cruel fate can descend on their head, Allah forbid. Ali Shaheen, a friend in this loop whom I have the misfortune of never meeting in person soothingly admonished me on my prayer that Allah accept the victims soul for safe keeping as we failed her in flesh and blood life. Can you empathize, how wounded, bleeding and lacerated my heart was to have uttered a prayer of this sort ?

I picture this lowly act as ' being eaten alive by a pack of hyenas ' Now " JUSTIFY ' and forgive me if you can. Allah is kind and All-Knowing.

(Syed Tareq Ahmed is a member of Voice For Justice World Forum in Dhaka, Bangladesh.)



Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2012 02:14:53 +1100

Subject: RE: World’s largest and most corrupt tyrannies.


Thank you for sharing AR's moving, thought provoking and painful write-up that depicts the sorry condition of the World's largest democracy, more so of the politicos who power it. As to the baseline status of Women, need we turn to anyone but our Rasoolulah whose care and concern for our mothers and sisters was supreme. He knew damn well what Men were made of, the outrages we are capable of under influence of intoxicants, imbalanced male drive or adrenalin or brutality of War in as much the strict rules of Male and Female Hizab. I personally have been trained to view the arrangement as Street Lights in critical intersections, right of way to keep us safe and sound.

Feminists however find it as a trappings to curtail their liberty and freedom of movement and choice and Arundhuti Roy surely is one of their prized proponent and my personal admiration for her life and works is sky-high. I am finding it difficult to bear it as a tragic vicissitudes of living in the rape capital of the world, as Delhi has come to be known as.

My deepest condolences to the bereaved family and all womenfolk in general.

(Syed Tareq Ahmed is a member of Voice For Justice World Forum in Dhaka, Bangladesh.)

























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