9 December 2009

Ms. Natalie Aspinall
WDCS, the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society
Brookfield House, 38 St Paul Street
Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN15 1LJ
United Kingdom

Subject: Ritualistic killing of whales and dolphins in the Faroe Islands 

Dear Ms. Aspinall,
Received your response on the above, dated 1 December 2009, with thanks.

It is common knowledge that every year in the Faroe Islands, a territory of Denmark, hundreds of pilot whales and other species including bottlenose dolphins, Atlantic white-sided dolphins and bottlenose whales, are hunted for their meat. 'The techniques used are intensely stressful and cruel. Entire family groups are rounded up out at sea by small motor boats and driven to the shore. Once they are stranded in shallow water, blunt-ended metal hooks are inserted into their blowholes and used to drag the whales up the beach, where they are killed with a knife cut to their major blood vessels'. Schools are closed to allow even children to enjoy these barbaric acts that lead to extinction of rare varieties of
the earth’s diminishing bio-diversity.

The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS) has been active for some years to put an end to these savage acts. Unfortunately there has been no response from the people causing such irreversible damage to our eco-system. The Voice for Justice (VfJ), with representation in many countries around the globe, is known for its protests against any form of injustice in any society by any group or individuals. We want to join hands with you and carry the fight to the perpetrators and force them to stop their barbaric acts.

We must be aggressive in our approach, since it is clear that sugar-coated words aren’t going to reach the deaf years and unresponsive hearts of the people in question. Our information shows that the Faroe Islands have been an autonomous territory of Denmark since 1948. Vital matters like military defense, foreign affairs and law of the Islands are the responsibility of Denmark.

Faroe Islanders depend on Denmark for their livelihood and protection. Denmark should exert pressure on the government of the Islands to stop the killing of the noble sea animals that belong to us all. Records of the Danes show that they are committed to the rights of all living beings.

Denmark is now hosting the Copenhagen Dialogues on Climate Change. Without a sane and sensible policy on mitigating global warming due to the emission of greenhouse gases, the world as we know will cease to exist. However, it is unfortunate that the Danes cannot put their own house in order. Their inability to stop the cruel acts in the Faroe Islands encourages the perpetrators. Unless these acts stop, VFJ will go to the people of the world with one message: "Don’t use blood-stained Danish dairy products.”

Currently we are preparing a letter addressed to the Office of the Prime Minister of Faroe Government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. We shall keep you informed about our progress. Whatever the cost and however long the fight, we will continue our vigorous protests until the savagery in Denmark’s Faroe Islands stop once and for all.

Yours truly,

Dr. Hasanat Husain MBE
On behalf of Voice For Justice World Forum

See if you can remain unmoved by these gruesome photographs and not be outraged into stopping these savage acts by man against nature.