Let There be Peace

By Shaheen Westcombe

Charred, disfigured corpses

Scattered everywhere

Few in this world

Seem to care


Bomb them, kill them

What audacity they say

Firing rockets and missiles

Towards Israel's way


The victims innocent

All feel trapped

In misery and terror

Their life is wrapped


Their land occupied

Their livelihood gone

They cannot understand

What they have done


Does violence ever

Any problem solve

With increasing pain

Grows more resolve


Tanks marching, Apaches hovering

Artillery everywhere flying 

With a war so violent

Life's supplies are drying


In a country small

With population dense

Killing the helpless

Does not make sense


The militants and ordinary people

Live back to back

By hounding everyone

Israel compassion lack


They are determined

To wipe out all

Not responding

To anyone's call


Why can't they stop

For humanities sake

Sit and talk

A treaty make


The super powers

Have said nothing new

For the Palestinians

Have sympathies few


Israel says it is their promised land

Their God given right

They are determined

Till eternity to fight


The Palestinians stateless

Many generations sadly lost

Will continue to struggle on

Whatever the human cost


Sorrow engulfs us

We wonder and weep

As the crisis grows

More and more deep


January 7, 2009