Letter to the Director General of the BBC protesting the proposed closure of BBC Bangla service and the response dt 3-11-22


Dr. Hasanat M. Husain MBE,


Voice for Global Bangladeshis,



3 Nov. 2022



Sent: Thursday, 3 November 2022, 13:50:00 GMT


Subject: RE: Letter to the DG of the BBC regarding proposed closure of BBC Bangla service


Dear Dr. Husain,

Thank you for your kind note and the good wishes to the BBC. I am responding on behalf of the Director-General Tim Davie.

We recognise that the role of the World Service is more important than ever.  However, the way that audiences consume our services is changing. The proposed changes announced in September aim to future proof the World Service by creating a digital-first organisation. They are also a response to financial pressures faced by the BBC. These challenges required us to review all of our output and consider how we best serve audiences going forward.

We are proud of the work of the BBC Bangla service. The team will indeed be moving to Dhaka so it can be closer to the audiences that it has served so well for years. We will also retain the TV bulletin in Bengali which continues to reach significant audiences in the region. 

However, radio usage is now static or declining around the world as audiences increasingly turn to digital services. We have therefore proposed to stop radio broadcasts in order to invest in meeting the needs of the growing digital audience. We believe these changes will help the service maintain its relevance and importance in the region.

Thank you again for writing to us. I hope you feel reassured of the BBC’s commitment to Bengali speaking audiences.

Kind regards,


Liliane Landor | Senior Controller, International Services

Director, World Service

BBC News and Current Affairs



The Letter to the DG of the BBC protesting the  proposed closure of BBC Bangla service





Mr. Tim Davie CBE

The Director General,


BBC Broadcasting House,

Peel Wing, Portland Place,

London W1A 1AA




Dear Mr. Davie,


Sub. : Letter to the DG of the BBC regarding proposed closure of BBC Bangla service


We, Voice for Global Bangladeshis (VfGB), are a neutral and independent non-governmental organisation with an objective to promote human rights and advance Social-economic conditions of over 13 million NRBs (Non Resident Bangladeshi expatriates) worldwide; in a peaceful, just and fair world. 

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the British Broadcasting Corp. marking 100 years of broadcasting since 18 October 1922. 

Growing onto world’s largest, BBC’s service to mankind had been remarkable. 

The BBC World Service continued to provide current affairs and information and analyses in more than 28 languages across 150 capital cities and is trusted by millions as being fair and impartial – an achievement which can be summed up as simply outstanding. 

Amongst organising and planning to celebrate its centenary, the BBC has also announced that it is proposing to discontinue its radio broadcast in Bangla. This also includes 9 other languages mainly to save money. Bangla being the 6th largest linguistic group in the world, we believe, millions will be deprived from BBC’s Bangla service. 


We in Voice for Global Bangladeshis would like to propose shifting BBC Bangla Service to Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. This will be like moving production closer to its audience and may save BBC some serious money and yet, help retain its neutrality and impartiality in providing information and news to where these are unfortunately absent.


If you are willing to consider this, we in VfGB can also approach the Bangladesh Government to come forward to provide you the necessary logistics.


Please advise

We shall wait to hear from you.

Thanking you.

Respectfully yours,

Hasanat Husain


Dr. Hasanat Husain MBE 

On behalf of 

Voice for Global Bangladeshis VfGB.


Former Head of Bilingualism and Bilingual Support Service,

Directorate of Education,

London Borough of Tower Hamlets, UK.