Mohammed Faruk Ahmed Sentenced




Dr. Hasanat Husain


Voice for Justice, UK.   


Dr. Husain,


Mohammed Faruk Ahmed was sentenced at Snaresbrook Crown Court to 6 years imprisonment. Many victims were in court to hear Prosecuting Council deliver a lengthy chronology of this case. HHJ Radford assimilated several impact statements from those affected and acknowledged that Ahmed had breached a trust placed by over 300 intended pilgrims, many of whom were elderly who had saved for several years to attend one of the 5 pillars of Islam - Hajj. 


The Court recognised the impact that this fraud had on its victims. This aggravated the crime and I feel that the sentence imposed reflected this. Tower Hamlets Police are still in communication with the Bangladeshi authorities requesting remittance of 1/4 million pounds acquired as a result of this fraud. We have supplied relevant documentation requesting their assistance and will keep victims informed. These assets will be subject to a confiscation hearing in the near future. 


Kind regards


Des McHugh

Detective Inspector

London MET Police