May 17, 2021.

HE Mr. Antonio Guterres

The Secretary General of the United Nations, New York, NY 10017, United States



Sub. : Requesting UN's urgent intervention in stopping indiscriminate killings in Gaza  

We on behalf of the Voice for Justice, a human rights organization, are seeking your immediate action to restrain the Israeli government from carrying out mass murders in Gaza. As you are aware the two million people in Gaza have been living in extreme hardships conditions resulted from continued Israeli blockade preventing the flow of essential food and other supplies to the besieged territory. In the holy month of Ramadan when Muslims in Jerusalem were prevented entry into the Al-Aksa mosque by the Israeli security forces, the Muslims all over the world were infuriated. Earlier the IDF, in wanton aberration of Israeli and international law, started evicting the Muslims from East Jerusalem in order to make space for building settlement for the Jewish population. When the residents of East Jerusalem protested the IDF resorted to mass arrests and detention. The unlawful actions of the Israeli government very legitimately hurt the sentiments of the people in Gaza who were left with no options but to put up armed resistance to the IDF.

The IDF has been making relentless air strikes over Gaza and its ground troops have been shelling indiscriminately leaving little space for the unarmed civilians to escape. The barbaric actions of the IDF has resulted in the death of over 200 Palestinians, majority of them were women and children. The international news outlets like Associated Press and Al-Jazeera havenít been spared by the IDF. The building that housed the media outlets has been razed to the ground on totally unfounded allegation that the building sheltered the Hamas fighters. We are appalled by intolerable silence of the International Commission of Human Rights on the current atrocities unleashed by Israel.

We strongly denounce the Israeli governmentís reckless, inhuman and murderous actions that caused widespread death, destruction and sufferings of the population in Gaza. We believe the lavish military and economic assistance provided by the successive government in the United States transformed the State of Israel into a monster who cares little about peace and justice. The blanket diplomatic support of the United States in the world forums has enabled Israel to behave like a terrorist state and perpetuated large scale killings in the occupied territories with impunity whenever people rose in protests.

We are not opposed to Israelís existence but we are opposed to Israelís extermination of a race in Palestine. Since the Oslo Accord Israel has expanded settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem many folds and displaced thousands of Palestinians. This must be stopped.

Excellency, we are urging you and through you the members of the Security Council to address the root cause of the crisis and restore peace in the region. Israel has been a threat to peace in the region and the United Nations must act to save the victims of Israelís warfare. A solution must be found, without any further delay, between Israel, Palestine and the Arab region under the direct supervision of the UN.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Hasanat Husain MBE (UK)

Convener, Voice for Justice World Forum. www.voiceforjustice.org

Joint Convenors :

Mr. Abdur Rahman Chowdhury (USA)

Mr. Hasan Mahmood (Canada),

Dr. Shams Choudhury (USA)

Mr. Ahmad Abdallah (Canada)

Ms. Jhunu Schrapel (Australia)

Dr. Moyeen Khan (Bangladesh)

Dr. Qazi Inamul Hai (India)

Mr. Anwar Shahed (Pakistan)

Mrs. Yasmeen Kazi (Pakistan)


Mr. Lutfur Rahman Choudhury (Bangladesh)


Ms. Piya Mayenin (UK)


Mr. Abdul Qader Saleh (UK)


Mr. Zack Khan (UK)


Mrs. Sameera Abd Qader (Tunisia)


Dr. Humayer Chowdhury (Australia)


Miss Adra El Garch (Portugal)

Ms Susan Frank (Germany)