VoiceForJustice welcomes you to combat injustice throughout the world.

Yes, we are ambitious, but together, we can achieve the impossible.

Membership is free.

All you need to do is send us your Name, City and Country.

A word or two about your profession, interest and reason for joining
VoiceForJustice will also help us coordinate our efforts.

Send email with your information to dr.hasanathusain@yahoo.co.uk
or to hasanzr@msn.com.

Our goal is to launch as many VoiceForJustice chapters as we can.

Let's combine our passion for justice to transform the world!

Thank you!


Sample Membership Letter

Dear Dr. Husain,

I would like to become a member of the Voice for Justice.

The organisation has come to my attention due to the unfortunate passing of a much loved and respected colleague, Dr R. Siddiqui, who I believe was an active group member.

In 2000 I visited Israel and became aware of an organisation called the Seeds of Peace,
which works to bring together the different communities of the region to work towards harmony
for all. Unfortunately they do not have a group that is active in the UK.

I am currently a communications officer at a busy hospital in Manchester; however, I am also a qualified English and drama teacher.

My interest is to create a better world for all of us to the very best of my ability. My 2nd most proud moment was being part of the 2 million person march against the war in Afghanistan.

I hope you will accept me.

Happy New Year - 2010, the year of change.

Kindest regards,


Ruth Bates
Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


Responses to Membership Requests

Dear Barrister Muid,
We at Voice for Justice (www.voiceforjustice.org) are thrilled that you are willing to put your considerable talent at the service of justice in this unequal world.
We welcome you and look forward to your contributions.
There is only requirement for joining VfJ: A burning passion to promote justice anywhere it is trampled. As long as you are passionate about it, you are a member of VfJ. There is no other formal requirement.
The best way you can go about serving the cause of justice under the banner of VfJ is to first do what you can locally to create a VfJ Chapter with like-minded people of all nationalities. If there is a cause that you can do something about, by all means take it up. We will provide all the moral support we can.
You can also track our progress through the VfJ website and call to our attention any issue that you feel strongly about. However, we leave it to you to organize a local chapter. As long as it is free of any political ideology or dogma, we will work with you. What we need at VfJ are doers.

Dear Hena,
Your kind words inspire us. There is no formal requirement for joining VfJ.

Please visit the VfJ Website http://www.voiceforjustice.org.

If you can promote any activity in your area that relates to justice, and if you can promote it in the name of VfJ, that will be the best contribution you can make.
You can also suggest ideas and draw our attention to worthwhile projects related to justice around the world, that you can yourself then take charge of. We are looking for doers and activists. Your words convince us that you are among this select group of people.