Mr. Christopher John Minns,

  Premier of New South Wales, Australia. 


Subject: Condemn Israel's collective punishment of Gaza


Dear Chris Minns

I am a Labor supporter. I supported Labor at the last election because I believed that your Labor team would best represent me and my community’s interest in Parliament. We are profoundly disappointed in you.

From the very beginning of this conflict, you chose one side. You preferred one group of Australians over another. You lit up the Opera House with Israeli colours without expressing any concern for the lives of Palestinians, many of whom are relatives and friends of your community here in Sydney.

After you lit up the Opera House, you entertained the idea of banning pro-Palestine protests. You did not allow members of our community to grieve at the loss of innocent Palestinian lives – the same community you begged for political support at the last election.

Since then, this conflict has resulted in a humanitarian crisis. Israel’s brutal airstrikes of the last three days have terrorised 2 million people who are locked in Gaza, with no place to run or hide. The number of Palestinians killed rises by the moment and must be ceased immediately. More than 1,400 CHILDREN have been killed in ONE WEEK of Israeli airstrikes. Where is your humanity? Do you care about the loss of innocent civilians, innocent CHILDREN? They are our family, friends and relatives overseas.

I am writing to you to request the following:
(1) Acknowledge the response from Israel has now moved from that of defending itself, to collective punishment, prohibited under international law and amounts to a war crime;
(2) Call for restraint and an immediate ceasefire; and
(3) Acknowledge that the only chance for peace between Israel and Palestine is a two-state solution.

A quarter of Labor MPs have declared their support for Palestine. Your voter base in Western Sydney is on edge. Your political support is waning, and we will not forget this betrayal. Do not think that Palestine is an issue we will forget at the polling booths in a few years from now.

We demand that you publicly support the Australian Palestinian, Arab, Christian and Muslim community in the same fashion support has been shown for those with Israeli heritage. Unite the country by wrapping open arms around all Australians impacted by this war and recognise that, with the long history between Israel and Palestine, we should not be taking sides.

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Humayer Chowdhury

  2A Bungalow Road 

  Roselands NSW 2196