Comments by VfJ Members on the Situation in Libya


27 February 2011


A nation has to look up to an inspiration when going becomes tough. I personally consider Omar Mukhter as one of the valiant fighters. His humility was his strength, his conviction was his motivation, and these two qualities make him distinctly different from many freedom fighters, who led their people with a purpose, a purpose may continue to make the valiant Libyans proud and inspire them to fight for a right cause. I salute you each reborn Omar Mukhter. Win you must, because you deserve nothing short of that. The silver lining behind the apparent dark cloud shall glitter brighter and soon.


Dr. C. S. Karim

VFJ Dhaka

Former Adviser, Peoples Republic of Bangladesh


I spent 6 years in the Libyan University at Sebha and in amongst the love, affection and respect (of the common people) showered on me and my family.


I am trying to contact my friends, colleagues and students in Libya via

e-mails, Facebook and phone calls but, all my efforts have resulted in nothing so far


I am fully aware of the ruthless machinery of the oppressive regime in Libya and I am extremely worried for my friends/colleagues/students and for their children who are, the young men and women, taking part in the great struggle for Democracy and Justice.

I keep waiting and searching my e-mail and Facebook, hoping and praying. 


In the meantime, wherever we are, we do our best to see that this insane brutality and bloodshed come to an end and, as soon as possible.


Dr. Hasanat Husain




Full support for the movement for democratic rights and human rights of the people of Libya and the rest of the world. But the US and the EU, which together perpetrated genocides in Afghanistan and Iraq, and propped up tin-pot dictators in the Middle East and many other parts of the world, have no claim to moral high grounds. Appealing to them is tantamount to requesting the devil for replacement of one of his representatives by another. It is neo-colonialism, the devil that must go!


VFJ Zoglul Husain

Writer and Columnist




Autocratic regimes full of terroristic measures yield a power unto themselves. Let's hope people there can have a voice and this doesn't trigger another world war based on military might and power, a false sense of religion, threatened monopoly and control of precious resources and where so called liberation or democracy gets caught in between autocratic control and capitalist greed.


VFJ Michelle Row

Western Australia.




Libya is under brutal repression and the invalid regime is hell-bent killing its own people. Our sympathies and moral support are with the protesters. The world is
also with them.

Libyans must keep fighting until they liberate their land from tyrant Gadhafi and his crazy sons, placing their trust in the Creator and seeking His help to achieve their goal.

Saiyid Akhlaq Nabi
An Indian VFJ - from AUSTRALIA


Though as a standard rule, lack of institutional structure often leads to the failure of a revolution, the recent rallies organised by the youths to overthrow their long serving autocratic regimes proved to be successful and they reached their desired goal. The world could witness the fall of despots and tyrants like Hosni Mubarak and Zainal Abedin Ben Ali who could not stand against the general will of the people of the northern regions of the African continent. These phenomena of mass upsurges reached Libya to encourage the youths there to rock the autocratic regime of Col. Gaddafi - a hard nut to be cracked. As it appears the revolutionaries are facing brutalities and the possibilities of an eventual civil war with humanitarian disaster cannot be ruled out in the near future if the despotic rules and resistance prolong.


In their struggle for freedom VFJ-Sweden will stand firmly by their side and ready to extend all kinds of support in line with VFJ-world forum.


On behalf of VFJ-Sweden Chapter,

Enamul M. Choudhury (Convenor)