'Ex- Lib Dem Leader Charles Kennedy dies at the age of 55 - a huge loss to Politics'


Former Lib. Dem. Leader Charles Kennedy suddenly died yesterday at his home at Fort William at the age of 55 ! The cause of death is not yet known but 'it is not thought to be suspicious'. He was a fine man, a man of great principle, a talented politician, became an MP at the age only 23 in 1983, served the Parliament for 32 years since, became leader of the Liberal Democrats in 1999, led his party to its best to win its highest 62 seats in 2005. We shall always admire him and remember him for his stand against Tony Blair's 2003 decision to invade Iraq with George Bush..He was right on Iraq. His death is premature, a great loss to the nation and, he will be missed. - www.voiceforjustice.org