A message from Michael Rowe


'If every hospital, school and 60% of homes were bombed in Catholic communities with the plan to flatten them all had happened in Northern Ireland to root out the IRA when it was under British military control with water, food and fuel cut off and people forced into to tent cities and bombed on their way without adequate sanitation to die from disease wouldn't this be called out for what it is  barbaric? With whole families wiped out, 40% children and children having their limbs amputated without anesthesia. From a sovereign, colonial state that is protected by an iron dome that ignored warnings of an attack, run by corruption and fascists. And had driven people out of their homes to claim sovereignty of common holy lands by pillaging over 500 villages and 70 massacres because of the Holocaust for people who had nothing to do with this. And allowed to continue illegal settlements for 40 years with a monopoly on water and building control with people it had displaced and kept under military control for 70 years. Wouldn't this be called out for what it is? Ethnic cleansing, disproportionate, unjust, invasion and a genocide. That threatens the whole region. When is a ceasefire for a deep healing going to begin?'


As received from Michele Rowe.

Voice for Justice VfJ